C-19 Research Database

The COVID-19 Research Database is a reduced set of key datasets and fields to support urgent COVID Research.


For the latest updates to the C-19 Research Database please see the following document: 

COVID-19 Research Database Update



The Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) for Hosting the Public Health Scotland Data in the National Safe Haven to support COVID-19 related research and analyses can be found here:

DPIA - COVID-19 Research Data Holding - National Safe Haven



To use the database a guidance document has been prepared covering what researchers need to know and the process to be followed:

Research Database - Guide for Researchers

Please email phs.edris@phs.scot with any queries.


Variables available

To assist with completion of any PBPP applications that uses the database, the spreadsheet below allows researchers to view the data items available from each dataset and mark to be requested. This document can be used to support PBPP applications.

COVID-19 Research Database Dataset and Variable Specification 


Application assessment

A rapid eDRIS assessment process will triage requests for access to the COVID-19 Research Database. The HSC-PBPP and SPBPP functions will support the process with proportionate scrutiny. For further details please see SPBPP COVID-19 statement and HSC-PBPP information.