COVID-19 Data & Intelligence Network Update

Update 1

The below update was sent to members of the COVID-19 Data & Intelligence Network. 

Dear all,

Welcome to the first COVID-19 Data & Intelligence Network update. I wanted to start sending these on a regular basis to share key information and updates among members of the network. In this first edition, I’m going to outline some of our current focus areas, share an overview presentation about the network and ask for your feedback in a short survey.


Current focus areas

I wrote recently about how the network is a partnership of expertise from across the public sector that aims to identify, prioritise, and develop data and intelligence products that address some of the key challenges relating to COVID-19. Some of the current challenges we are looking at developing products to address include;

  • How can people who had previously been shielding get regular information on new outbreaks that enable them to take extra precautions?
  • How can we develop a greater understanding of community proximity to high-risk individuals and high-risk settings?
  • Who is at the highest risk of hospitalisation as a result of COVID-19?
  • What factors contribute to care home vulnerability?
  • Which occupational groups are at greatest risk of developing COVID-19?

Overview presentation

We have created an overview presentation that is being shared with our key stakeholders to provide further information on the network in an accessible format. This includes more information on the type of challenges we’re trying to address, our vision and how we operate. You can view this document here.


Your feedback

In response to comments from members of the network, we are developing a series of messaging documents to underpin the work and governance of the network. I’d appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to provide feedback. 

How accurately do you feel the below statements convey your understanding of the vision, aims and ways of working for the network?

  • Our vision: Our vision is to build a network that harnesses the power of data by building on the existing community of data expertise and making best use of the data already available across Scotland in order to minimise the spread of COVID-19.
  • Our aims: The network aims is to identify, prioritise and develop data and intelligence products that address some of the key challenges relating to COVID-19 and ultimately help to improve lives.
  • How we work: The network mobilises data expertise and capabilities from across Scotland, engaging with local delivery teams, informing policy making and pandemic response and establishing data flows in a safe, expedient and ethical way.

I’d also welcome members of the network to get in touch with comments or if you want to engage further with the network. 

With best wishes,


Professor Roger Halliday
Chief Statistician & Joint Head of Covid Modelling and Analysis Team, Scottish Government