COVID-19 Data & Intelligence Network Update 2

Update 2

The below update was sent to members of the COVID-19 Data & Intelligence Network. 


Dear all,

Welcome to the second COVID-19 Data & Intelligence Network (D&IN) update. In the first edition I introduced you to the network. Unfortunately, Covid isn’t going away and the D&IN will be vital for the next couple of years. In response, we have adopted a 4 harms approach to decision making.

In this edition, I’m going to outline some of our recent achievements and how we are transitioning to Business as Usual. Throughout our transition the network will continue to:

  • Enable collaboration – Building conditions for data driven innovation success and identifying who can help
  • Facilitate transparency – Providing expert Information Governance, ethics and pubic engagement
  • Provide pace – Provision of project management and funding to lower barriers to progress


The D&IN has collaborated to identify a total of 86 requests that have been carefully triaged in to:

  • The development of 8 products (3 currently live)
  • Support the progress of 4 challenges with external D&IN partners
  • 47 requirements that have been deferred awaiting sponsors and/or higher prioritisation
  • 27 requirements actively undergoing validation

Data Catalogue

One of the initial and maintained products developed early in the network is the Data Catalogue. The D&IN identified relevant data sets (+250) across multiple organisations to compile a D&IN Master Data Catalogue.


Product 4 Data Catalogue

Product 4 – Data Catalogue


The datasets within the catalogue aid the creation of visualisation dashboards and ensure that analysts can conduct rapid research with the best possible authoritative data.  As datasets are integrated, IG issues and ethics are carefully considered, then control measures are implemented as necessary.

One of the most recent additions to the data catalogue is movement and location data. Using aggregated and anonymised data, we hope this will offer new ways of looking at how policy changes resulting from COVID 19 impact people’s movement; help give a measure of how populations respond to policy changes and provide trends over time. This information will help future decision making to contain the COVID 19 virus. The data being looked at is aggregated to a level that cannot be used to identify individuals.


Transition to BAU Governance

It is likely that a health focus to many of the D&IN projects will continue to be a feature of the network. However, the network will increasingly enable work that spans the four harms. 


New ways of working diagram

New ways of working and transition to BAU governance


Network Delivery Group

The Network Delivery Group (NDG) is a communications forum where updates are provided on products delivered or underway to the wider community of members. It allows members to discuss ideas and identify different individuals that are interested in supporting certain products. Representatives with an interest in the activities of the D&IN are welcome attend one of our sessions that are convened monthly. Below are the upcoming dates for the next NDG meetings:

  • 26 November 2020
  • 21 January 2021
  • 18 February 2021


I’d also welcome members of the network to get in touch with comments or if you want to engage further with the network.

Contact us via the D&IN Mailbox:



Professor Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician & Joint Head of Covid Modelling and Analysis Team, Scottish Government

Albert King, Chief Data Officer, Digital Directorate, Scottish Government