Data development & updates


A new lookup tool, the CHI-UPRN Residential Linkage (CURL) file, has been created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to enhance understanding of people living in the same property, such as care homes.
The potential utility of this resource, however, goes much further than just COVID-19 related research, and is seen as a major development to as an enabler for household level research in Scotland.
To accompany the tool, an introductory guide has been created which covers key areas including:

  • How it can support research and analysis
  • Linkage quality and biases
  • How to use and access the tool
  • Further information on the development of a care home flag

Please download the CURL guidance document to find out more.



Free text fields

Due to issues with redaction of identifiable information from free-text fields, eDRIS may be unable to provide these for studies. This includes free-text fields from national health datasets, such as A&E, as well as from external datasets we have been asked to provision for studies hosted in the National Safe Haven. When scoping dataset specifications for studies, researchers should be clear whether each requested field is in a structured or free-text format.

Chemocare data

eDRIS is working on getting national data from Chemocare. However, we are about two years away for relevant mappings being completed to enable consistent data from the cancer MCNs.