Doing data better for policy and the public good

RDS and ADR Scotland partnered with Sense about Science during Evidence Week in Holyrood on March 22 to discuss the use of data and research for the public good.

We brought together policymakers, researchers, and constituents for the first time in Holyrood to discuss how the evidence used to make policy decisions in Scotland is scrutinised. 

Our goal is to equip MSPs and their staff with the critical tools to deal with uncertainty, monitor the progress of policies and measure the effectiveness of proposals, to better hold Government policymaking to account. 

By facilitating communication between constituents, researchers and policymakers at Evidence Week, we can instil the essential skills needed to ensure evidence is recognised in public life, and in policymaking.

Research supported by robust data will be essential in the post-Covid environment to better understand the impacts of the pandemic and support recovery. Scotland has a wealth of datasets that have the potential to save money, time and improve lives. RDS and ADR Scotland together support access to data for research, innovation and investment by unlocking the value of our data assets to enhance health, wellbeing and the economy. 

Panellists included: 

  • Roger Halliday, Chief Executive, Research Data Scotland and Chief Statistician, Scottish Government 
  • Dr Iain Atherton, Co-Director, Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research 
  • Mel Giarchi, Deputy Head of the Scottish Government's COVID-19 Analysis Division 
  • Amy Wilson, Head of Justice Analytical Services, Scottish Government 
  • Miriam Craven, Deputy Director, Strategy, Change, Data & Engagement, Social Security Scotland

Watch the video here.