Ethics & other approvals

Ethical approval may be required for your research study and it is best to check with your local ethics committee to confirm this.

For secondary analysis of National Services Scotland (NSS) data, eDRIS is able to facilitate research that meet the criteria below because PHS has sought and achieved a favourable ethical opinion from the East of Scotland NHS Research Ethics Service.

To meet the conditions of using the NSH generic ethics, the research study should: 

  1. Be in the field of Health or Social care research
  2. Not involve any contact with research participants/subjects
  3. Have undergone scientific peer review
  4. Include data held in and accessed via the national safe haven
  5. Be carried out by UK based researchers only

Please note that eDRIS are required to submit an annual report to the NHS Research Ethics Service that documents all of the studies that have been undertaken using national level, de-identified for health and social care research.

R&D Approvals

If your research involves the use of any resources from a territorial health board, then R&D approvals may be required and you should approach relevant R&D office for confirmation.  If your study requires data held only at national level by NSS, R&D approval from your local health board is not required.