Highlights from the RDS User Forum

Research Data Scotland hosted its fourth virtual User Forum on Tuesday, May 17 where we hosted more than 80 data and research professionals to showcase our progress to date and the roadmap ahead of us.

Research Data Scotland hosted its fourth virtual User Forum on Tuesday, May 17 where we hosted more than 80 data and research professionals to showcase our progress to date and the roadmap ahead of us. Many thanks to all those who attended – for those who missed it you can watch the online recording in the video below.

The event provided an opportunity to learn more about RDS’s:
• Public engagement programme on the use of data
• A walk through the RDS service design and key milestones
• Advances on Information Governance and IG support for researchers
• And an introduction to the Scottish Medical Imaging Service.

The event was opened by RDS chief executive Professor Roger Halliday who provided an overview of RDS’s development to date beginning with our mission to enable data in Scotland to be systematically used for research for the public good. 

He said: “We will do this by working in trustworthy ways to organise research-ready public sector datasets around people, places and businesses, and provide a service for secure and cost-effective access to those datasets for research in the public good.”

He also detailed how RDS would support its diverse audience of users through faster and simpler data access; roll out a SECURE information Governance (IG) pathway; deliver a synthetic data strategy; expand the range of RDS service users and develop new services; RDS’s public engagement strategy and our work in using data to deliver insights on inequality in Scotland to deliver more inclusive services.

Over the next three months RDS will start building a service re-design to accommodate feedback from users; deliver data catalogue improvements; roll out the SECURE Information Governance pathway; develop synthetic data method while working with the Regional Safe Havens and help in the delivery of the full launch of Scottish Medical Imaging service. View Roger’s presentation here.

Public Engagement: Public trust in research and data

Our second speakers, Ian Green, RDS Communications Manager, and Harriet Barker, Impact & Knowledge Exchange Manager at ADR Scotland, provided a detailed overview of the current public engagement landscape on data in Scotland. This included an overview of DARE UK’s public dialogue; ADR Scotland’s current work on public engagement and its engagement pilot with children and young people. Ian also detailed RDS’s plans for a pilot public engagement panel as RDS prepares to roll out it’s long-term public engagement strategy. View Ian and Harriet’s presentation here.

Service Design

Hugh Wallace, RDS Head of Digital Transformation & Delivery, provided an overview of how the RDS service is being designed and how we are making sure the service is designed with and not for users of RDS’s services. Hugh also walked the audience through RDS’s roadmap covering our digital journey, data provision, IG and the RDS SECURE pathway, and user research themes. View Hugh’s presentation here.

Information Governance

Alastair Rennie, RDS Chief Information Officer, delivered an overview of the emerging landscape on Information Governance following the national IG review programme for health and social care. He walked the audience through Scotland’s vision for a more streamlined, coherent, and less fragmented approach to IG to enable the data-driven innovation in the health and care sector.
Alastair explained how a holistic IG approach will enable a more balanced, federated model to deliver end-to-end data and digital technologies across the health and social care empowering researchers by providing them with the right training tools for each IG task. View Alastair’s presentation here.

Scottish Medical Imaging

Finally, Jackie Caldwell, Information Consultant, and Robert Wallace, Principal Information Development Manager at PHS, showcased a video of the Scottish Medical Imaging Service (SMI) and Rob presented an overview of the SMI’s progress to date, its ambition to provide linkable, population based, research-ready, real-world medical images for researchers.   This new national data resource offers medical researchers great potential for innovative studies including, but not limited to, development or validation AI algorithms within the Scottish National Safe Haven. The service catalogue, also included in the RDS Data Catalogue. You can view Robert’s presentation here.

Once again, many thanks to all those who attended and engaged in the debate. If you would like to attend our next User Forum, please register by emailing info@researchdata.scot with the subject line REGISTER.