Our mission

There are seven principles which underpin our mission

RDS’s mission is to promote and advance health and social wellbeing in Scotland by enabling access to and linkage of data about people, places and businesses for research in the public good.

1.    RDS will only enable access to data for research that is for the public good

2.    RDS will ensure that researchers and RDS staff can only access data once an individual’s personal identity has been removed

3.    RDS will ensure that all data about people, businesses or places is always kept in a controlled and secured environment

4.    RDS will only create a dataset if it is requested for a research programme or study that is in the public good

5.    All income that RDS generates will be re-invested into services to help researchers continue to access data

6.    Firms that access public data for the public good through RDS will share any commercial benefits back into public services

7.    RDS will be transparent about what data it provides access to and how it is being used for public benefit