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Before you start, tell us a bit more about your data needs

Research Data Scotland works with the eDRIS team at Public Health Scotland to provide end-to-end support for researchers applying for access to public sector data. To determine whether eDRIS can help you with your project, please answer the questions below. Once you have confirmed this service is right for you, you'll be able to submit an enquiry for data access.

Do you require individual-level data for the population of Scotland?

Some projects may need data at an individual level, while others may require data at a group level. Knowing your specific needs helps us better understand how to assist you. Learn more.

Do you require NHS Scotland data? Data held by the National Health Service (NHS) of Scotland or Public Health Scotland (PHS)
Do you require medical imaging data? For example: MRI scans, X-rays or ultrasound images.
Do you require SG or NRS data? Data held by the Scottish Government (SG) or the National Records of Scotland (NRS).
Do you require the use of the Scottish National Safe Haven? The National Safe Haven is a secure environment where data for your project is uploaded and accessed.

Good news! 

Based on your feedback, we think the eDRIS team can help with your data needs. 

Please submit an enquiry to provide more details about your project. A member of the eDRIS team will evaluate your proposal's feasibility, provide a cost estimate, and issue an application reference number.

Submit an enquiry

Based on your feedback, we don't think this is the right service for you.  

The eDRIS team supports applicants with access to secure data and data access through the Scottish National Safe Haven. Learn more about the services eDRIS offer.  

If your project requires open data, the resources below might be helpful. 

  • Public Health Scotland Open Data Platform – Find Health and Social Care Open Data managed by PHS. Statistics and reference data are available for information and re-use under the Open Government License.
  • UK Data Service – Lists information on and access requirements for social science data in the UK, including both secure and open data as well as teaching datasets. Researchers can browse data by theme, type or geography. 
  • Scottish Government Open Data Platform – Managed by the Scottish Government, this site provides public access to the data behind Scotland’s official statistics in linked open data format. Statistics are provided from a variety of organisations such as the Scottish Government, National Records of Scotland, NHS Information Services Division and Transport Scotland. 
  • UK Government Open Data Platform – Find data published by central government, local authorities and public bodies to help you build products and services. 

Find out how we process your data safely and securely.

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