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Connecting researchers to public sector data

We work with researchers, analysts and policymakers to unlock the potential of public sector data for the benefit of public good.

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Researcher Access Service

We're simplifying access to data for research through our brand new, fully digitised Researcher Access Service.

For research projects using data from nine of Public Health Scotland's most frequently requested datasets, we've introduced a streamlined end-to-end platform.

Find out if your project might be suitable for this service through the link below.

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    About Research Data Scotland

    We are a not-for-profit charitable organisation created and funded by the Scottish Government, and a partnership between leading universities and public bodies.
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    Shaping our services

    We work with the public and data professionals to build trust and shape the future of data research in Scotland. Get involved.

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    Data demystified

    Want to learn more about public sector data and how it is used in research? Check out our different areas of work for key insights.

Recent news

Highlights and Impact

In our first Highlights and Impact review, discover how we're working to connect researchers to public sector data and make it faster and simpler to generate research.

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The data access process

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Learn about data

Want to know more about data but don’t know where to start?

Explore our handy data explainers to learn what public sector data is, how it's kept safe and how it’s used in research.

Read our data explainers Read our data explainers
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