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Information for researchers

Find helpful information for various stages of the data access process. 

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Resources for researchers

Learn about what support is available to researchers, mandatory approvals and training, key information governance information and data security considerations. Plus, explore our glossary of commonly used terms.

Information governance for researchers

Discover key principles and legal considerations of information governance (IG) when accessing data.

Learn about IG

Trusted Research Environments

There are a range of trusted research environments (TREs) in Scotland providing access to secure data. 

Find out more about TREs

Research data security

Find help for navigating data security as you work with secure and sensitive data for your research project.

Learn about data security

Researcher approvals and training

Find details on approved organisations in the UK, mandatory training for researchers and additional requirements.


Find more details

Research for public good

Learn about the concept of public good and how research projects must deliver clear benefit to the public.

Learn about public good

Terminology for researchers

Confused about terminology? Our list of common terms will help you understand more about how public sector data is used for research.

View our glossary View our glossary
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The data access process

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Data access overview

Find out more about the process of applying for access to secure datasets for research.

Find an overview
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Pre-application checklist

Understand what is involved in a data access request and how to complete the initial enquiry form.

Complete the checklist
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Begin an enquiry

Once you have your project information ready, fill out an enquiry form to kick off your request to access public sector datasets.

Start your enquiry

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