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Our people

Meet the RDS team and learn how our values inform our work.

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Meet the team

RDS is a small organisation with a total of 38 employees at the end of March 2024. Our motivated team comprises of experts in a wide range of disciplines including data, statistics, business management, communications and digital delivery.

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RDS consists of four teams focusing on different areas

Our first employee survey had a participation rate of over 90% and a staff engagement index of over 80%, with over 80% of staff submitting comments about what they loved about working in RDS and what they would like to see change.

What our colleagues say about us

Our employees are passionate about making change and improving data access for the public benefit. We asked some of our colleagues:

What difference do you hope RDS will make?

“My hope is that RDS can deliver real meaningful change to the people of Scotland over the long-term, as we simplify data access and help researchers to influence policy change.”

Adam Coulson, Delivery Manager

“I’m most interested in the insights that can come from data that lead to evidence-informed change in how we do things in society, whether that’s policy change or where money is invested by public, private or third sector sources. I care most about how this work will impact the people of Scotland and beyond.”

Shona McElroy, Senior Project Manager

“I think we are in a place where we can take a big-picture view and start bringing together a lot of different players to promote real change in the system. Linking public sector datasets can enable so much interesting research to take place and I’m hoping RDS will fulfil its aim to improve the availability of datasets and the speed to access them, to allow this research to flourish in Scotland.”

Dr Lynne Adair, Data Curation Manager

“As a researcher, I understand the obstacles in place to accessing data which can cause serious stress and funding issues. I hope RDS will be able to streamline and simplify the research process by speeding up what can be a really strenuous time for researchers.”

Dr Allison Noble, Information Governance Officer

“I think the goals RDS are striving to achieve are in the best interests of so many, from researchers and our partners to the people of Scotland. When achieved, we will see more research for the public good and improved wellbeing and equality in Scotland as a result. Having had direct experience in seeing how data can be used to create up-to-date evidence and inform policy, and can inform individuals’ career choices, I know first-hand the positive impact reliable data and information can have on real people's lives.”

Jen Muir, Data Analyst

Learn more about the different teams within RDS

Living our values

To deliver our mission, we will need to draw on our values:

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Our values


We centre the public value of the decisions we are supporting through data and intelligence, always acting with honour.


We proactively share information, insights and innovations so that we learn faster through better communication and build trust in what we do.


We believe we can make things better and are prepared to try new things, embrace ambiguity and challenge the status quo.


We deliver better results when our work is truly interdisciplinary and collaborative. We also strive to inform the public about the use of their data in a transparent and respectful manner.


We recognise we have a lot to learn from others and aim to be open-minded about the gaps in our knowledge. We listen to our service users, our partners and the public, and respond to their varying needs.

Explore our highlights and impact review

Learn more about our impact so far and our plans for the future.

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Systems leadership

Explore how we're building capacity across the entire Scottish data network.

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Partners and the public

Learn how we're working collaboratively with partners, stakeholders and the public.

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Shaping our services

Learn more about how we're bringing improvements to data systems across Scotland.

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