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New fund launched

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Research Data Scotland

05 Sept 2022

The System Development Fund supports projects identifying common standards.

Research Data Scotland (RDS) has launched a System Development Fund with the intention of simplifying systems, processes and services for the benefit of researchers.

The fund will support projects that can demonstrate they are identifying common standards, testing new approaches or spreading good practice. The intention is to only support projects that deliver in accordance with the RDS values and principles and move us towards the objectives and vision in the RDS strategy. 

Our vision is to promote and advance health and social wellbeing in Scotland by enabling access to public sector data about people, places and businesses. 

Scotland’s world-class data is locked away in lots of individual systems, across many different organisations, and isn’t in a format that makes access or integration of data easy. Accessing data can take too long, meaning research questions remain unanswered and policy becomes stagnant.  

Working with our partners, RDS will coordinate and simplify the process of accessing multiple datasets about people, places and businesses and help researchers and analysts to support policy decisions that improve the everyday lives of people in Scotland.  

Developing standard approaches to ways of working will make it more straightforward for users, allow better discovery and signposting so that users get the data they need quickly.

All grant applications/proposals must be made in writing via the Grant Application Form and deadline for applications is 16 September. 

Applications/ proposals must explain in detail how the grant will be used. The fund is designed to support a mix of small and larger scale projects, so there is not a specific maximum value assigned to a project that would be funded. The fund is designed to support projects that can demonstrate quick progress and results, whether that is a short discrete project or as part of a longer-term study. It is also important that the project proposal is clear about the total required budget and the funding profile over the duration of the project. There may be proposals where the fund could support early stages without guarantee of supporting the full project.

Questions and comments about the fund can be directed to

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