Access data

We are committed to making data accessible. A broad range of data is published online and appropriate access to bespoke and linked data sets can be arranged

  • For access to NHS Scotland health data that supports immediate and future health and care demands relating to our response to COVID-19, researchers can find more information here and get in touch via referencing the accompanying guidance
  • For new, bespoke data access requests that are directly COVID-19 related and use only Scottish Government datasets or NRS census data researchers can get in touch via referencing the accompanying guidance
  • The Scottish Government also publishes official statistics in over one hundred bulletins each year, most of which are National Statistics. Most bulletins include data that can be downloaded. A 12 month calendar of forthcoming statistical releases is available
  • Public Health Scotland is one of Scotland’s largest producers of official statistics, responsible for collecting and publishing statistics relating to health and social care across Scotland at a national, regional and local level
  • The Scottish Government’s Open Data platform allows access to the data behind The Scottish Government’s official statistics
  • Public Health Scotland’s Health and Social Care Open Data platform gives access to statistics and reference data for information and re-use

A handbook for researchers, produced by ADR Scotland, aims to give a comprehensive overview of what to consider when accessing data for research.