Approved researchers & organisations

All researchers are required to demonstrate appropriate Information Governance training. Further information on this, including recognised training courses, is available in the the data controller's data access guidance materials with information on two of the most widely used courses detailed below.

Different datasets may have different training requirement. This training is designed to ensure you are familiar with the policies and procedures governing individual privacy, data protection and freedom of information, as well as the sanctions which may apply in case of a breach of security or confidentiality of data.

Your study must have also appropriate approvals in place and you should be named in the application or data sharing agreement. You must also be affiliated with an Approved Organisation which are currently restricted to public sector organisations (e.g. Universities, NHS, Local Authorities and Scottish Government). Researchers from other organisations can partner with an Approved Institution or the eDRIS team for analyses to be carried out on their behalf.

Popular training courses:


MRC course:

To access information governance training provided by the MRC regulatory support centre you will need to sign up at and take the course titled “Research, GDPR and confidentiality - what you really need to know”. On completion of the course please make sure to save a screenshot of the completed modules as this will be needed as well as the pass certificate.

ONS-Safe Researcher Training:

Some data providers may require you to undertake ONS Safe Researcher Training but it is advisable to ensure any course is right for your needs. The Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research (SCADR) offers safe researcher training that is accredited by the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) under the Digital Economy Act, and is free of charge. To find out more about the SCADR ONS-SRT training please go to SCADR