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RDS publishes latest business plan

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Research Data Scotland

08 Apr 2024

The new business plan covers the period of 2024 to 2025 and outlines Research Data Scotland’s priorities towards achieving its long-term vision and strategy.

Research Data Scotland’s (RDS) mission is to promote and advance health and social wellbeing in Scotland by enabling access to public sector data about people, places and businesses. Established by the Scottish Government in 2021, we work to connect researchers to public sector data, making it faster and simpler to generate evidence to help others improve society.

Now in our third year as an independent charity, we have published our latest business plan outlining priorities in the following key areas in 2024 to 2025:

  • Aligning approaches, demonstrating trustworthiness
  • Shaping and delivering researcher services
  • Unlocking Scotland’s data
  • A sustainable system

Download the business plan

Read more about our plans for 2024 to 2025.

Business Plan 2024 to 25 (PDF 668.94 KB)

On publication of the business plan, Professor Roger Halliday, RDS Chief Executive Officer, said: “The public sector needs transformative innovation to meet modern-day challenges. To be innovative, we need evidence from across a multitude of sectors to help inform our decision-making — put simply, we need to know what works and how well.”

“The next year will be an exciting one where we’re moving from diagnosis to delivery and taking important steps to achieving our vision to faster and simpler data access.”

Read Professor Halliday’s blog post about the business plan.

The business plan is published alongside RDS’s first Highlights and Impact review, which reflects on the progress and connections we have made since 2021 and our current projects. The review outlines key areas of impact to date, how RDS works with partners and the public, and work to improve digital services to simplify and speed up access to public sector data for research.

Explore the Highlights and Impact review

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