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Our work

Learn how we're working with our partners to revolutionise access to secure datasets and how we're engaging the public. 

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Data explainers

Want to know more about data but don't know where to start? Explore our handy Data Explainers to learn what public sector data is, how it's kept safe and how it’s used in research.

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Intro to public sector data

Learn more about what public sector data is and how it's used in research.

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What is the Five Safes framework?

Discover what the Five Safes framework is and how it's used to keep data secure.

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What are Trusted Research Environments?

Learn about Trusted Research Environments and how they help researchers access data.

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Public engagement

Our public engagement work comprises three key areas: our Public Engagement Fund, the public panel we run with SCADR, and our work with DARE UK. Discover how we’re raising the profile of data for research through the pages below.

Current projects

Our projects range from working with our partners on various data projects and steering groups to developing our own Researcher Access Service, which will revolutionise the ways in which researchers from approved organisations gain secure access to public sector data.

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ADR Scotland partnership

Find out how we're working with ADR Scotland to simplify and speed up access to secure data.

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Data projects

Learn about our Equalities Protected Characteristics Dataset project and the Scottish Medical Imaging (SMI) service.

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Researcher Access Service

Discover how our upcoming service will make it faster and simpler to access secure data for research in the public good.

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Scottish Data for Research Alliance

The alliance aims to steer the data system to deliver better population outcomes and continuous improvement

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Scottish Safe Havens Steering Group

Find out how the group is working together to enhance regional safe haven infrastructure in Scotland.

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Synthetic Data

Synthetic datasets allow researchers to test approaches while awaiting the necessary permissions to use actual data.

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