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Data Linkage

Led by: University of Glasgow Schools Health and Wellbeing Improvement Research Network (SHINE)

Funding awarded: £2,705.13 

A young person in a red hoodie with headphones on faces away from the camera, looking at a laptop screen.

SHINE are working with young people, parents/carers and teachers to produce video and infographic materials around data linkage. Working with pupils in-person at schools across Scotland as well as with teachers and parents/carers online, the project team are engaging people in conversations about data linkage and mental health in schools. Within this work, the discussions will focus on concerns and barriers around linking self-reported data about pupils with other data sources. 

The team have held eight focus groups in five primary and secondary schools across Scotland and are beginning to develop resources based on the participants’ inputs. Through focus groups and workshops, they’re developing video and infographic resources which will be shared with schools, ensuring that ongoing conversations continue even after the project has ended. 

The new resources will help pupils, parents and teachers understand the use of data in research, how data linkage works and the wider public benefits. These resources will form part of a wider data literacy toolkit shared with schools and other organisations across Scotland.

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