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How Fair is North-East Scotland?

Led by: Grampian Regional Equality Council 

Funding awarded: £4,551

A row of tenement buildings in Aberdeen with satellite dishes on the outside.

Grampian Regional Equality Council are working to deliver a series of workshops with minority ethnic community groups in Aberdeen. 

This work will form part of the council’s ongoing ‘How Fair is North East Scotland?’ project, and aims to capture quantitative and qualitative data across local communities. The team are particularly looking to build evidence bases around inequality in the region, and to understand the barriers preventing marginalised people from getting involved in data research. 

The project team are holding focus groups with targeted community groups, facilitating discussions around attitudes to data research and the implications for policy making. 

The discussions will aim to narrow down focus from the following three research questions: 

  1. How do people in marginalised communities feel about research and their involvement with it?
  2. What are some mutually beneficial ways people from their communities could be more involved in the future?
  3. What barriers would need to be mitigated to facilitate this kind of involvement? 

Finally, the workshops will explore how communities can be actively involved in building evidence bases around inequality in North-East Scotland.

After the project is complete, findings from the workshops will help to further develop the ‘How Fair is North-East Scotland’ resource, and will be shared with participants and distributed to relevant groups and organisations to inform and improve data research engagement across the region.

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