What we do

Scotland has a wealth of public sector data. This data can be used to unlock new possibilities to improve the wellbeing of people living in Scotland

Research Data Scotland are bringing together expertise, resource and capabilities from a range of existing data-led programmes across the public sector.
This approach ensures transparency about who is requesting data, which datasets and for what purpose and is an important component in maintaining public trust.
A researcher support service has therefore been developed through the creation of this website to provide guidance on access to data, information governance and the rich analytical environment.
The Scottish Government’s commitment to deliver Research Data Scotland featured in the Programme for Government in September 2019 and recognised the social and economic benefits that the new service could bring. RDS is being developed as a non-for profit organisation. It will be a partnership that includes the Scottish Government, other public bodies such as PHS (eDRIS), NRS, and working in partnership with organisations like EPCC and Scottish Universities. 
The high level thematic research areas include: world of work; poverty and fair work; resilient communities; realising our children potential; public health and social care.