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eDRIS researcher support services

eDRIS Research Coordinators provide end-to-end support for researchers applying for access to public sector data.

eDRIS Research Coordinator support 

The electronic Data Research and Innovation Service (eDRIS) team are part of Public Health Scotland. eDRIS Researcher Coordinators (RCs) work in collaboration with researchers, providing support and advice through the data access process. The eDRIS team offer assistance with applications to both the Public Benefit and Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care (HSC-PBPP) and the Statistics Public Benefit and Privacy Panel (S-PBPP)

After you submit an initial enquiry form, the eDRIS team will evaluate your proposal's feasibility, provide a cost estimate, and issue an application reference number. If the proposal proves feasible and the costs are agreeable, a Research Coordinator will work closely with you to develop a final application and submit it to the appropriate Privacy Panel.

Your eDRIS Research Coordinator will arrange preparation of your project data working closely with key organisations such as data providers and trusted third party indexing services. Once the data is ready, your eDRIS Research Coordinator will support you with data access to the Scottish National Safe Haven or other Trusted Research Environment.

The range of support services provided by eDRIS includes:

  • Assisting researchers in creating a data specification and data flow diagram to define the data sets, data variables, data processing and data linkage required to help all data controllers involved to make an informed decision  
  • Identifying other permissions, if required  
  • Coordinating data provision, including linkage 
  • Support National Safe Haven access 
  • Software licensing  
  • Carrying out bespoke analyses on your behalf 
  • Reviewing your PBPP application prior to submission 

Pricing and costs 

Researchers are not charged for data in Scotland. However, there are costs for research coordination services provided by eDRIS to support researchers through the access process, including information governance and data linkage. eDRIS operate a tiered pricing structure based on the type of organisation researchers are applying from (e.g. public sector, academia, charity, commercial, industry). The level of charge is based on the complexity of the project and the amount of support required.  

Researchers need to have funding in place before they receive RC support with their application.  The eDRIS team can provide cost estimates to support funding applications to cover data linkage and support costs. Links to grant awarding bodies can be found on the eDRIS website.  

Research Data Scotland (RDS)

Complete our pre-application checklist to understand what is involved in a data access request and how to compete the initial enquiry form


Further information on the eDRIS service is available on the Public Health Scotland (PHS) website, including a downloadable eDRIS Short Guide.

You can contact the eDRIS team on   

Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research (SCADR)

Advice on accessing administrative data can be found in the Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research (SCADR) handbook

Public Benefit and Privacy Panels (PBPP)

Find out more about the application process for the Public Benefit and Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care (HSC-PBPP) and the Statistics Public Benefit and Privacy Panel (S-PBPP)

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