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National drive to engage public with data research

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Research Data Scotland

28 Oct 2022

Research Data Scotland (RDS) welcomes a new initiative to put the public at the heart of data research and statistics.

The Public Engagement in Data Research Initiative (PEDRI) is a new partnership that aims to ensure the public are involved in decisions around how their data might be used to inform critical research and policies.  

Layla Robinson, Partnership and Strategy Director, RDS, said: "Research Data Scotland is delighted to support the Public Engagement in Data Research Initiative. 

"We are committed to engaging with the public and collaborating with others to support current dialogue activity and to help create new ways to reach parts of society that have not yet had the chance to make their opinions known to researchers about how their data might be used. 

"PEDRI will be a valuable partnership to help shine a light on how data affects everyday life."

Initial areas of focus for PEDRI are: 

  • Embedding best practice guidance and principles for public involvement and engagement that are specific and fit for purpose for those working in data research and statistics 
  • Addressing resource and information gaps for researchers and public involvement and engagement practitioners when it comes to proactively working with the public 
  • Proactively engaging the public so that we can listen to, understand and act on their concerns and build public confidence through local and national public campaigns.  

Alongside RDS, partners supporting PEDRI include: 

For more information about PEDRI, visit

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