NSH software & data

What analysis software packages will be available to me in the National Safe Haven? 

You will be able to use the R, SAS, SPSS, and Stata to analyse your study data. A Bring Your Own Licence model is now in operation, so please ensure your organisation has a licence for these software packages. It may be able to load other software you require for your own study area but all those using it must have either their own licence or ensure that their organisation has a licence which can accommodate this use. Please talk to your eDRIS Research Coordinator if this is required as soon as possible so they may have a discussion with IT about the installation.

Microsoft Word and Excel are also provided in the  National Safe Haven. Your authorising employer/organisation must have either a MS Office 2013 licence or a licence which covers upgrades to MS Office if they are currently using an earlier version. 

What files can be transferred to/from the National Safe Haven?

You may have developed code for a similar study which you would like to adapt for your current study. Your eDRIS Research Co-ordinator can place this file in your study folder after relevant checks.

Whether you are using a physical or remote safe haven workstation, you will not be able to extract any data. Secure access points will have no usable USB ports and monitoring software will block and log any attempts to upload or download software or data via external devices. The eDRIS User Agreement outlines user responsibilities in handling data. When you have completed your analysis, you can request outputs to be released from the National Safe Haven by completing the National Safe Haven Output Request Form. Once your requested output files have been cleared for disclosure by your eDRIS Research Co-ordinator these will be sent to you. 

For more details on SDC please see our guide for users and the PHS SDC protocol