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Public Engagement Fund

As part of our commitment to engage with the public, Research Data Scotland (RDS) has piloted a Public Engagement Fund. A total of £56,856 has been awarded to nine different projects that help promote public understanding of data research in Scotland.

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About the fund 

This round of the Public Engagement Fund has been a pilot to test interest and evaluate proposed projects. Originally capped at £40,000, RDS increased the total amount of funding available to support a wider range of top-quality projects, which will reach various audiences across Scotland.

The aims of the Public Engagement Fund are to:  

  • Promote the public understanding of data research in Scotland
  • Provide balanced information on data research
  • Widen participation by involving and engaging members of the public who may not usually interact with science to take an interest and have a voice in data science
  • Achieve clear and measurable impact. 

Current funded projects (2022-23)

A row of tenement buildings in Aberdeen with satellite dishes on the outside.

How Fair is North-East Scotland?

Grampian Regional Equality Council are working to deliver a series of workshops with minority ethnic community groups in Aberdeen.

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Data Linkage

SHINE are working with young people, parents/carers and teachers to produce video and infographic materials around data linkage.

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Drug Harm Prevention Research

This project is carrying out focus groups with people who use drugs to explore perceptions of the use of administrative data in research.

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Generation Scotland

Linking to their longitudinal study on family health and wellbeing, Generation Scotland are creating resources to engage the public at large-scale events.

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Mental Health - Imagining Beyond

Through a series of workshops, this project is focusing on identifying gaps where data may not reflect lived experiences. 

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Data in Biological Research

This project is using Minecraft to empower young people to explore pandemic preparedness and how large-scale data can be used to inform policy.

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Perinatal Mental Health

Building on population-wide statistical analysis, this project is generating resources around perinatal mental health timelines.

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Digital Citizen Research Project

People Know How are training five people from low Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation areas of Edinburgh to become citizen researchers.

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Note: Funding from the RDS Public Engagement Fund was also awarded to CodeClan, an Edinburgh-based digital skills academy, which has since sadly entered liquidation and ceased trading. The project therefore may not be able to continue.

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